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Many of the foods and beverages we produce in Spain are a world reference for their excellence and for contributing decisively to a better quality of life.
It is not in vain that Spain ranks year after year as the world leader in life expectancy and all studies agree that food, the Mediterranean diet, has a lot to do with it.
Food quality, dietary variety and food safety make up a winning trio.
Our food and beverages are present in a large number of countries, are increasingly in demand and convey to the world an image of Spanish products based on safety, quality, trust and prestige.

Spain is a gastronomic power of the first order. Spanish gastronomy is one of the most highly valued in the world, and not only because of the quality of the catering professionals who year after year accumulate awards and mentions.

Popular gastronomy, that of every home, every family, every bar, is envied all over the world.
It is varied, healthy and exquisite. But none of this would be possible without the basic product.

Ham, cheese, meats, wines, olive oil, fruit… Quality, quality and quality, which is raised to the nth power in the case of products protected by the seal of the Denomination of Origin, the guarantee of a product of the highest quality, produced respecting some characteristic and unique guidelines in a specific geographical area.

A seal protected by Spain and the European Union that guarantees the quality and unique characteristics of that product.

In B2B MARKET by ProFinanza & Partners we understand that gastronomy is one of the best ways to make the Spain Brand known in the world and our efforts are directed to that end.
Our goal is to help our producers to improve their presence in foreign markets.

Together we can do it.

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